Stress Management

Stress is the body’s response to physical or emotional demands. These demands are heightened due to stressful situations such as life events, losing a job, end of a long term relationship etc. There are different types of Stresses:

Chronic Stress : Long-term stressors such as money problems, relationship issues, or difficulties at work can cause chronic stress. The person having chronic stress experiences many psychological & physiological illnesses.

Acute Stress :A sudden death in the family, falling victim to a serious crime, or a sudden onset event such as an accident can lead to an acute stress disorder. In an acute stress disorder, the patient experiences ongoing stress in the aftermath of a one-time event. The feelings of trauma that occur in the moment of the event remain with the individual for days or even weeks afterward.

These stresses if not managed can lead to depression. Therefore, the correct identification, handling as well as coping processes of this stress is called Stress Management.

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