Intelligent Innovators

Intelligent Innovators

The adolescence stage is a very crucial and delicate phase of life. During this period teenager goes through a lot of physical, psychological, social and educational/cognitive changes. Most teenagers don’t know how to deal with these changes and that adds up to their stress. They go through a lot of turmoil, confusion and face many challenges. At this stage if they follow wrong path they can have troubles but if they get proper caring and guidance at this stage of life they can turn into confident, enterprising and intelligent young adults.

  1. Emotional Issues Anxiety ,Depression,Social phobia, Anger/ Agression, Suicide

  2. Career Issues Academic Exam Stress, Fear of failure, Confusion in choosing Career

  3. Addictions Smoking, Alcohol,Drugs, Online Games

  4. Relationships IssuesDiscord with parents, Breakups, Peer pressure, Sibling rivalry

  5. Social Issues Bullying, Body shaming, Social media anxiety

  6. Self Issues Self-Development, Self-esteem, Self-confidence, Personality development, Communication skills