Family Financers

Family Financers

This is the longest phase of life. It includes youth (20 to 30yrs) and adult (30 to 60yrs). During this phase person has to face lot of challenges and shoulder a lot of responsibilities. All these stressors can lead to distress and a lot of unrest. One has to learn the skill to manage stress well so that distress and its consequences (Psychosomatic illnesses) can be avoided.

  1. Career/Work Self Confidence, Leadership skills, Decision making skills, Communication skills, Work life balance

  2. Relationship Marital disharmony, Art of Parenting, Relationship at work

  3. Emotional Reactive Depression ,Anxiety, Midlife crisis, Empty nest syndrome

  4. Mental Health Major Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, Alcohol addiction

  5. Women Premenstrual syndrome, Postprandial depression, Menopause, Adjustment problems with in laws, Work life balance, Sexual harassment

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Dr Jyoti Maheshwari Successfully helping her patients to get to the root cause of their problems & guiding them along a path of self-analysis and introspection in a warm, supportive way, thereby finding a resolution.

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LIFE Treatment at Mumbai

Life is like a book and each chapter is unique in its own way. What we experience in chapter 15 is vastly different from what we experience in chapter 3 and chapter 30. Each chapter does its bit to advance the story forward, but there are some which excite us more than others and there are some which might sadden us more than others. And that's why I believe we may need to reach out and seek help during any of the chapters. I, as a professional, am available to help and guide my patient at any stage of this book of Life.