At Stress management we do consultation for all sorts of psychological illnesses. We do individual consultation, couple consultation & group consultation.

Mode of consultation can be

  • In person at our Stress Management Clinic
  • Online audio or video on whats app or zoom platform
What to expect at first Appointment?

First appointment is generally longer 50 to 60 mins, where your psychiatrist will review your current stresses and problems and any past medical or psychiatric conditions. In this session comprehensive evaluation of the psychological, biological, medical and social causes of emotional distress is done. Based on this information, as well as any necessary medical records and laboratory tests, diagnosis of your problem is done and a comprehensive treatment is planned. Some time it may take more than one session to reach a diagnosis.

Dr. Jyoti Maheshwari does a complete in depth analysis of your problem, patiently answers all your queries and give you proper Since everyone we see is unique, every consultation is different. Your consultation will be based on your concerns and your needs.A psychiatric consultation can help you understand the sources of problems from three points of view:

  • Biological (i.e. heredity, hormones, nutrition, physical illness)
  • Psychological (i.e. current life stressors, childhood experiences)
  • Social (i.e. cultural differences, family relationships, prejudice).It is this capacity to evaluate the causes of emotional distress from each of these perspectives that makes psychiatry unique. Many people find that a psychiatric consultation gives them a new perspective and hope for the future.
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Online Consultation

During the pandemic, we have all either been through or seen someone go through tough moments without being unable to step out and seek help and meet people. In such times, Online Consultation and Online Therapy have emerged as a great support for those of us who needed help.

At the Stress Management Clinic we offer Consultation Services through email, text messaging, and video conferencing.

Benefits Of Online Consultation

  • Helps solve the availability issue for many arising due to long commutes to and from the centre.
  • Allows people to be in the safe and comfortable environments of their homes and not be overwhelmed
  • Helps reduce much of the overhead costs of traveling for people
  • Offers greater privacy for those who are hesitant about being seen in a vulnerable state

To book an appointment you need to fill the appointment form & send it to us.

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